Remote education will continue in secondary education until 28 March

The country's government has determined that a three-week lockdown period will begin on 8 March and end on 28 March. At its meeting on 25 February, the Capital City Area Coronavirus Coordination Group decided to cancel its previous decision to move to partial on-site education from 1 March onward. Secondary students will continue in remote education from 1 March to 28 March. The needs of absolutely necessary on-site teaching will be ensured. On-site teaching will be offered, among others, to students in special needs education as well as students who require individualized support for various reasons. The principals will provide information on a school-by-school basis.

The health safety organization of student exams will be ensured. The upper secondary schools will follow the instructions given by the Matriculation Examination Board.

Secondary students will not be offered a meal at the educational institutions on working days when the studies are carried out remotely (Law on Vocational Education of 11.8.2017/531, § 100, Secondary School Act 10.8.2018, § 35). If the student so wishes, he or she can turn to the City of Vantaa for food assistance, for more information see the website

The additional basic education groups in connection with the Tikkurila, Lumo, and Vaskivuori upper secondary schools will continue in on-site teaching until 5 March. The additional basic education groups will move to remote education for the period from March 8 to March 28. The possibility of additional basic education students to be able to pick up a food package (Basic Education Act 21.8.1998/628, § 31) from the place indicated by the education provider will be announced separately.

Head of the Secondary Education Service Area,
Ari Ranki

Julkaistu: 26.2.2021 
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