Coronavirus vaccinations begin at Vantaa nursing homes

Coronavirus vaccinations continue in Vantaa according to the national order of coronavirus vaccinations. Up to now, Vantaa has vaccinated, among others, employees at wards and infection receptions, emergency care, and coronavirus sampling points. Vantaa begins to administer vaccines to employees at nursing homes for the elderly in stages in week 2. Also, the first customers at nursing homes will receive vaccines in week 2.

The City of Vantaa vaccination teams vaccinate customers of nursing homes for the elderly in Vantaa on the spot. The vaccinations will begin at the end of week two, and they will progress in stages, one unit at a time, according to the number of vaccines available.

The customers of Myyrmäki and Korso senior citizens' centers will be the first ones to be vaccinated. The employees of nursing homes will be vaccinated at the same time. The total number of people to be vaccinated in this group in Vantaa is around 3,000, including the employees and customers of the City of Vantaa’s and private sector nursing homes.

More detailed vaccination schedules will be agreed with the units in question. The vaccines are highly recommended, and the employees of nursing homes will take care of vaccination permits together with the customer or, when required, with the person in charge of the customer's matters, when required. Relatives and friends do not have to be concerned about making vaccination appointments.

Next in line after nursing homes will be vaccinations of the general population; the first target group consists of the elderly, compliant with the national recommendation. In Vantaa, the number of over-70-year-olds amounts to 25,000. Some of them are living in nursing facilities, some at home with the help of home care, and some are independently living at home. These groups can be vaccinated at the same time.

Up-to-date information on coronavirus vaccinations is available online at: in addition to which, we will inform about the matter in, for example, local media.

Julkaistu: 14.1.2021 
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