Schools battle to prevent coronavirus from spreading

On November 26, 2020, the metropolitan area coronavirus coordination group decided on new recommendations and restrictions. In order to slow the spread of the coronavirus, people must avoid social interacting to the extent possible. The group recommends, among other things, that close contacts at private events be only between members of the same household or friends and relatives likened to it. Read more about the recommendations in the news: Metropolitan area coronavirus coordination group outlined new restrictions and recommendations.

Schools try to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic to the maximum effect. High schoolers and personnel at all schools are recommended to wear a face mask at school.

In addition to earlier guidelines, it was decided that until December 20

  • no field trips will be made.
  • no camp schools will be arranged.
  • swimming instruction will be suspended.
  • physical education classes will only take place at the schools’ gyms, excepting those schools that have no gym.
  • all indoor voluntary club and hobby activities will be suspended so that children will not mix in these groups.

During the entire fall term, schools have staged their daily rhythm and restricted their activities in order to prevent children in different groups from mixing. Schools will observe good hand hygiene and cough etiquette. Read more about these practices in the news: Fall term begins in all City of Vantaa elementary schools as contact instruction.

Do not come to school, if you are sick

It is crucial that you do not come to school, if you have respiratory symptoms. If you have even mild symptoms—such as sniffles, sore throat, fever, cough or diarrhea—you must stay at home. This way you prevent others from being exposed to the disease. The young very offer suffer only mild symptoms from coronavirus.

If you have symptoms, you must take a test. The test is fast and safe and free of charge. You can make an appointment for the test online at:, or online at koronabotti (you need bank identifiers), or by calling health centers’ coronavirus helpline, tel. 09 839 50 000.

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