Let’s together take care of the young and prevent the spread of the coronavirus

Compliant with the Government outlines, public gatherings are restricted to ten persons and people are urged to avoid unnecessary stay on public premises. In order to slow the spread of the coronavirus, people must avoid social interacting to the extent possible. This must be done to protect people belonging to the risk groups and to prevent the health-care system from overloading.

Even though the young must learn to assume responsibility for their own actions, the main responsibility for minors, nevertheless, lies with their guardians. The police and youth work service together appeal to the guardians, so that they would talk about the issue with the young.

Children and the young usually move around a lot and spend their time in fairly big groups. Now all extra moving outside the home, encounters and public spaces must be avoided. Also playgrounds, sports facilities and other meeting places shall be avoided - at least for the next month.

A state of emergency has been declared in Finland. If somebody does not follow the orders and recommendations of the authorities, another person may be put to mortal danger, including children and the young.

Keep in touch with your friends virtually

Now is a good time to keep in touch with your friends on social media, make video calls to them, play games, and read books at home. Even though physical gatherings have been restricted, the young are masters of keeping in touch by other means!

Youth workers provide online help

Youth workers have moved from youth clubs online, but they still conduct outreach youth work in the city. Digital youth work is carried out online on many different platforms. For example, you will find on-call youth workers on WhatsApp, Discord chat, and Instagram. You will find more information on youth services at: www.nuortenvantaa.fi, as well as on Nuorten Vantaa’s social media channels.

Together we can prevent the spread of the coronavirus - best wishes to all homes and good luck in these exceptional times!

Best wishes,
Eastern Uusimaa Police Department and Vantaa Youth Services

Read in Albanian: Të kujdesemi së bashku për të rinjët dhe kështu të parandalojmë përhapjen e kronavirusit

Read in Arabic: لنحرص سوی اًّ على الشبیبة ولنمنع انتشار فیروس كورونا

Read in Somali: Aan si wadajir ah uga taxaddarno dhallinyarada, oo aan ka hortagno faafitaanka feyruska koroonaha

Read in Russian: Давайте вместе беречь подростков и замедлять распространение коронавируса

Read in Estonian: Hoolitseme koos noorte eest ja tõkestame koroonaviiruse levimist

Julkaistu: 30.3.2020 
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