Elementary schools to adopt distance learning - notification for guardians, March 19

Information sent to students and guardians about the corona virus situation is published also on vantaa.fi. In first hand we inform students and guardians through Wilma. Read also newer, updated guidance (published March 20th): The Government changed its outline: All 1st-3rd-graders who want to come to contact instruction can do so

Vantaa basic education adopted distance learning on Wednesday, March 18. Distance learning has started very well at schools, all things considered. If you have any questions about your child’s studying, do not hesitate to contact the teacher or principal. Please remember that in addition to Wilma’s mobile application, you can also use the browser version.

Children entitled to contact instruction who return from abroad are asked to stay at home for fourteen days as counted from the day of return. If you are sick, you must not come to contact instruction. If you have even the slightest symptoms of respiratory infection—such as sniffle, cough, sore throat, muscle ache or fever—rest at home until your symptoms have completely disappeared.

School meals for students in contact instruction

In basic education, school lunch will be provided for those entitled to contact instruction. This is in keeping with the Government decree. In addition, Vantaa Child Protection has been informed that they can refer their child customers to schools for lunch by notifying the principals of the matter.

The Ministry of Education and Culture published a list of critical jobs

Schools continue to provide contact instruction for those 1st - 3rd-graders whose guardians are obliged to continue working in fields critical for the functioning of the society. Please check the list from by the Ministry of Education and Culture’s website. You will find the list of these jobs at the end of this message. If you work in one of these critical fields and if your child needs contact instruction, inform the principal of the matter. We do not require a certificate from the guardians’ employers: a mere notification of the need for contact instruction and the job is sufficient. In case either one of the guardian’s profession is not among the ones listed, the child cannot take part in contact instruction. Also, in order to minimize close contact between pupils, it is highly recommended that guardians who can arrange home care for their children will do so.

Furthermore, contact instruction will be arranged for those special-support children whose guardians cannot arrange home care.

Student welfare provides support also under exceptional circumstances

Psychologist and curator services will remain available at schools. You can contact your school's curator or psychologist by phone or through Wilma.

Together we can prevent the spread of the coronavirus - best wishes to all homes and good luck with distance learning in these exceptional times!

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