Distance learning in basic education and high schools, changes in early childhood education – Information for pupils and guardians

Information sent to students and guardians about the corona virus situation is published also on vantaa.fi. In first hand we inform students and guardians through Wilma or by email.

Dear Guardians of Children in Early Childhood Education

Compliant with the outlines given by the Finnish Government on March 16, 2020, Vantaa Early Childhood Education Services will take the following measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Early childhood education service units and preschool education arranged in connection with them will continue. This means that all municipal and private day-care centers, group family day-care centers, and family day care will be available as usual with the existing personnel. This ensures that parents in critical fields for the functioning of the society can continue their work, since their children have access to early childhood education.

All guardians who doesn´t have the possibility to arrange care for the child at home, can bring the child to early childhood service units as usual. This applies to all guardians, even those who doesn´t work in critical fields for the functioning of the society.

The Government has outlined that guardians who can arrange home care for their children will do so. Elderly persons may not be used as childminders. As the availability of personnel weakens, this solution helps ensure that people in the fields of health care and social welfare, rescue operations, as well as other critical tasks can continue working.

Open day-care centers, residential parks, club activities, and temporary child care service will be closed as of March 18.

Guardians are asked to inform of their children’s absences as usual by phone, email or text message to the early childhood education place as of March 18, 2020. These government outlines are valid until April 13, 2020. We will inform guardians of any changes whenever the situation changes.

More information is provided by the day-care center director of your child’s early childhood education place and by the district early childhood education manager.

Information about teaching arrangements in Vantaa basic education schools for the period of March 18th – April 13th, 2020

Basic education will mainly be offered as remote teaching as of March 18th. The teaching arrangements are based on Government guidelines issued on March 16th, 2020. The purpose of the guidelines is to prevent the spreading of the corona virus.

Basic education and guidance will mainly be offered as remote teaching in Vantaa basic education schools during March 18th – April 13th, 2020. During that period, contact teaching will only be offered in the specific cases mentioned below.

Contact teaching will be offered in these cases:

  1. Contact teaching will be offered to students in grades 1-3 whose parents have been ordered to work within sectors critical for the functioning for society, such as social and health care, the police, rescue services, state border service, the production of medicine and foodstuff, energy and garbage disposal, crisis management, information technology, media, transport, national emergency supplies, water and waste water services and financial services.
  2. Contact teaching may also be offered to students with a decision of special-needs support whose parents cannot offer at-home care. The Government recommends, though, that children study at home if in any way possible.
  3. Morning and afternoon activities for students in grades 1-2 will only be offered to those participating in contact teaching.
  4. All students studying in grades 1-9 studying in classes for the disabled will receive both teaching and daytime activities as per usual, and their taxi transfers will not be affected. Guardians must notify as per usual procedure if taxi transfers are not needed.
  5. In basic education, school lunch will be provided for those entitled to contact instruction. This is in keeping with the Government decree. In addition, Vantaa Child Protection has been informed that they can refer their child customers to schools for lunch by notifying the principals of the matter.

Please contact the principal of your child’s school by Wilma or by e-mail if there is a need for contact teaching.

About remote teaching

There are many different ways of offering remote teaching. Our aim is to create a model for interaction between the teacher and the student while also offering high-quality teaching and learning.

Wilma is the main channel of contact if not otherwise specified. The remote tasks may consist of electronic tasks, tasks in books or notebooks, or other learning tasks. The schools will also issue a schedule for remote teaching.

The student must participate in teaching situations according to previous agreements and follow the deadlines for tasks given by the teachers. We hope that the guardians support the students in their studies and emphasise the importance and meaning of independent studies. The students should reserve enough undisturbed time for their studies.

It is the teacher’s responsibility to offer teaching and evaluation. The student’s age and previous experiences of working with technical appliances will be taken into account when remote teaching is arranged.

The schools offer guidance in the use of Chromebooks and other devices during the period of remote teaching. The student may also use their own devices and a smart phone is a good place to start. Students must handle all devices with utmost care.

The students log in using their own opetusverkko codes (opp.eduvantaa.fi). All applications used in remote teaching can be used online, so the students need not download them. The devices offered by schools may be connected to home networks and telephone networks. The teachers offer further

Notification of absence

If a student is unable to attend remote teaching because of illness or for other reasons, the guardians must notify of their absence as per usual. Please enter ”approved absence” in Wilma for the days in question.

Student health care

School social worker and school psychologist services will be available as per usual during March 18th-April 13th, 2020. School social workers and psychologists may be contacted by telephone or by sending a Wilma message. We will inform about possible changes in student health care services later.

We must work together to prevent the spreading of the corona virus

Our aim is to offer as extensive services as possible in these exceptional times. We must stay strong and act responsibly. It is of utmost importance that we follow the guidelines that have been issued. Social isolation is needed to prevent the spreading of the corona virus. This is something we want to especially emphasize to the young. During school days the students are to study according to the schedule offered by the school, and the Government guidelines should be adhered to even during the student’s free time.

As adults we share the common task of making sure that the children and the young feel safe.

We hope that all Vantaa families stay strong in these exceptional times!

Notice to high-school students and their guardians on march 17, 2020, on continued distance learning

Vantaa's day high schools will apply distance learning from March 18, 2020 to April 13, 2020. Vantaa Adult Education Institute will also apply distance learning from March 18, 2020 to April 13, 2020.

Matriculation examinations will be arranged according to the shortened schedule, published on March 13, 2020. They will be completed by March 20, 2020, accounting for the regulations given by the health authority.

During these exceptional arrangements, instruction according to the curriculum will be executed (§25 of the Act on General Upper Secondary Education). Distance learning and counseling ensures that the goals set for education will be attained and that the students’ preconditions for taking the high-school syllabus and matriculation examination will not be jeopardized (§13 of the Act on General Upper Secondary Education).

Distance learning will take place according to the schedule, so that teachers of each subject will instruct and advise students at times specified in the schedule. Electronic communications specified by principals will be utilized in distance learning and counseling. Due to the nation-wide scope of distance learning, online learning environments may be occasionally hindered by slowness or interruptions. Teachers will plan functional distance-learning arrangements to the best of their abilities and inform students about them.

Consultation with student counselors will take place according to schedules made either by phone or by utilizing electronic communications. Psychologists and curators currently work at educational institutions and are available to students. Sufficient hand hygiene shall be ensured in educational institutions.

As of March 18, 2020, students will not be provided with a free meal during distance learning (§31 of the Act on General Upper Secondary Education, study-social benefits).

The terminal week of the fourth period will be implemented in a planned manner, and the arrangements will be high-school-specifically informed.

We will follow the instruction by the Finnish Government and update our guidelines accordingly.

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19.3.2020: The section about school lunch has been updated. Updates has also been made in the part about early childhood education: all guardians can bring their child to early education service units, even those who doesn´t work in critical fields for the functioning of the society.

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