Vantaa prepared for exceptional measures to prevent coronavirus

Compliant with the Government outlines, some public services will be closed, whereas some will arrange services for critical groups as of March 18, 2020.

Vantaa has made the following outlines concerning arrangement of services valid, for the most part, from March 18 to April 13, 2020:

Social, health and wellbeing services

  • Martinlaakso health center is closed due to enhanced cleaning measures. It will be opened on March 18 as an epidemic unit
  • daily activities for the elderly, rehabilitative work activity and work centers will be closed
  • the communicable diseases unit’s resourcing will be bolstered
  • planning for setting up a new temporary hospital has begun and agreements on quarantine premises will be made
  • Employment Services will provide primarily e-Services for customers.

Education and learning

  • for the time being, early childhood education will continue as usual
  • schools and educational institutions will be closed and contact instruction will be suspended. Preschool education arranged at schools as well as contact instruction in grades 1-3 will be arranged for the children of those guardians who work in fields critical for the functioning of the society. Contact instruction for students with a decision on special support will be arranged for those who need it.
  • high school education has adopted distance learning, and matriculation examinations will be ensured.
  • vocational education, high school education and basic education will arrange instruction and guidance—to the extent possible—by using alternative means, for example, distance learning, various digital learning environments and solutions, and, when required, independent studying.

Leisure time and events

  • Myyrmäki and Tikkurila Vantaa Infos will remain open
  • virtual youth work will be increased, outreach youth work will continue and expand its activities
  • Yhteinen Pöytä's (Shared Table) food distribution will continue
  • all museums, cultural center Martinus, cultural factory Vernissa, Children's art centers Toteemi and Pessi, Vantaa Music Institute, Vantaa Art School, Vantaa Adult Education Institute, libraries, mobile libraries, hobby places, indoor swimming pools and other sports facilities, youth centers, youth workshops, club premises, and organizations’ meeting premises such as citizens' houses will be closed.
  • external use of premises will be canceled
  • schools’ voluntary club activities and Tempo Orchestra’s activities will be suspended
  • city-arranged cultural events and sports events will be canceled. Guided exercise classes will be canceled
  • Nuorten Ohjaamo’s open counseling service will be closed until further notice; likewise, the next recruitment date has been canceled. You can contact Ohjaamo by email or phone.

Urban environment

  • for the most part, e-Services will be available
  • maintenance of public areas and office premises will function as usual.


  • the city's decisionmaking will be ensured and bodies’ general meetings will be held according to schedule
  • lobbying bodies will not assemble
  • changes in services will be daily supplemented as arrangement of services progresses. We aim to inform Vantaa residents of customer- and service-specific changes; we will post the changes on the website.

For Vantaa residents

The website has up-to-date information on the situation in Vantaa as well as links to national reviews and instructions.

Helpline 09 8395 0070 is meant for all Vantaa residents concerned about how the coronavirus affects their everyday life or who think they may have been exposed to or contracted the coronavirus. The helpline serves Vantaa residents on weekdays from 8:00 to 16:00. After 16:00 and on weekends, Medical Helpline, tel. 116 117, will counsel Vantaa residents in issues related to coronavirus infection.

Email will support the flow of information, if calling fails for some reason.

Julkaistu: 17.3.2020 
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