Vantaa high schools to adopt distance learning

Vantaa’s daytime high schools will apply distance learning from March 16 to March 25, 2020 to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Distance learning makes instruction compliant with the curriculum possible. High schools can themselves decide on how to arrange artistic and practical subjects; in other words, instruction can take the form of contact instruction or distance learning. The educational institutions will directly instruct their own students.

Distance learning will take place according to the schedule, so that teachers of each subject will instruct and advise students at times specified in the schedule. The teachers can work on the educational institution’s premises or at home.

Teachers are responsible for monitoring matriculation examinations also during distance learning. Consultation with student counselors will take place according to schedules made either by phone or by utilizing electronic communications. When a student counselor and student so agree, the discussions may also take place on the educational institution’s premises. The same applies to psychologist and curator services as well. Principals, vice principals, student welfare personnel and high-school secretaries work on the educational institutions’ premises.

Electronic communications will be utilized in distance learning and counseling. During distance learning, the students are entitled to a free-of-charge meal on the educational institution’s premises.

Vantaa Adult Education Institute will continue to apply contact instruction as usual.

Ari Ranki, director of upper secondary education, made the decision on Finnish-language high schools’ adopting distance learning. Ilkka Kalo, director of the Swedish-language service area, will make a corresponding decision on the Swedish-language high school.

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Julkaistu: 16.3.2020 
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