Changes in using the AstraZeneca vaccine

The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has outlined that—as of week 18—people ages 65-69 who make an appointment for their first coronavirus vaccination, can choose the mRNA vaccine (e.g., BiontechPfizer) used in the municipality, if they so prefer. This choice is also available in Vantaa as of Monday, May 3, 2021.

Make an appointment for a BiontechPfizer vaccine online at or call the coronavirus vaccination phone service. People ages 65-69 can make an appointment for the AstraZeneca vaccine by calling the coronavirus vaccination phone service, tel. 09 5844 3030 (Mon-Fri at 8:00-16:00).

The possibility of choosing the vaccine only applies to the first vaccination. People aged 65 and older who received the AstraZeneca vaccine as their first vaccine will get the same AstraZeneca vaccine as their booster, compliant with the national guidelines.

Vaccinations for under-65-year-olds

Booster shots for under-65-year-olds who received the AstraZeneca vaccine as their first vaccine will commence in May. The vaccine given in these vaccinations will be an mRNA (BiontechPfizer or Moderna) vaccine.

Information on coronavirus vaccinations on Maisa

We will send the people belonging to the age groups being vaccinated a message through the service when people in their age groups can make an appointment for a coronavirus vaccination. If you wish to receive messages through Maisa, check that your phone number and/or email address are correct and available on Maisa.

For more detailed information on Vantaa’s coronavirus vaccinations and their progress, go to:

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