Young people in Vantaa - help prevent the spread of the coronavirus with your actions

Want to meet your friends at the Young People’s Space or in your leisure time activities? Do you want to pop in the usual way at the library, ice rink, or floor hockey practice?

By complying with coronavirus restrictions, we can prevent the spread of coronavirus. If the epidemic stays under control, we can do more this coming winter than just hang out at home. The restrictions protect you, your friends, and your family members.

Meet your friends in small groups and take advantage of remote connections

Coronavirus is currently spreading in a worrying way at family gatherings and private events. Private events are recommended for less than 10 people. Keep in touch with your friends one-to-one or in smaller groups. Whether you meet your friends at home or in public spaces, remember hand washing and social distancing.

Use a face mask effectively

The use of a face mask is recommended for people over 15 years of age in public transport, public spaces and events, when doing business in shops and banks, as well as in youth work and leisure time activities.

The use of a face mask is recommended in all city services whenever close contact cannot be avoided. The recommendation applies to, for example, libraries, sports venues, museums, points of sale or counseling, and secondary schools.

A face mask should also be used in indoor sports venues other than during sports performances. The policy applies to all indoor sports, such as the use of school sports facilities for club and leisure time activities. Ice rinks are also indoor sports facilities.

Avoid shouting, heavy breathing and singing as they can help the coronavirus spread. Do not engage in any activity if you experience even mild symptoms.

Be responsible when you visit a bar

If you are partying, take care of social distancing and good hygiene. In Uusimaa, pubs, bars and nightclubs can accommodate half of their normal number of guests. Food restaurants and cafes can take up three-quarters of the normal number of customers.

The restaurant is responsible for adequate distances between guests. However, each customer can, by their own behavior, influence how safe a restaurant really is.

Does the coronavirus bother you? - Feel free to ask healthcare professionals

Share information not rumors. Corona can scare many, and provocative stories can make both young and old people feel worse.

The telephone services for school health and student healthcare provide advice and guidance on matters related to the health and well-being of children and young people. The telephone is answered by Vantaa school and student healthcare nurses. The service is available in Finnish, English, and Swedish.

The Vantaa School Health Care telephone service is available on +358(0)9 8395 0025 from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 3 pm. The Vantaa Student Healthcare telephone service is available on +358(0)9 8395 0035 from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 3 pm.

If you are exposed to coronavirus, stay in quarantine

If you are ordered into home quarantine, you must remain at home. Do not have any contact with people outside the home and follow the instructions you receive. Your quarantine will end in due time!

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