Information about coronavirus infection tracing at school and daycare

The number of COVID-19 infections has increased rapidly in Vantaa. During the past month, the daily number of cases has increased by more than a factor of 10, and the 14-day incidence rate is approximately 2 600/100 000

COVID-19 spreads endemically among the population, and we can no longer restrict, to a significant extent, the epidemic by means of infection tracing. Likewise, our COVID-19 testing capacity is limited, which is why large-scale infection tracing with the present high number of cases is not possible.

Increasing resources to make infection tracing significant is not possible as regards society as a whole as well as the overall situation of health care. Resources used for infection tracing are, naturally, lacking somewhere else, and in the present epidemic we have to target health-care resources toward treating those with severe COVID-19 disease as well as other important health-care functions.

Children usually have only mild COVID-19 symptoms or no symptoms at all. Furthermore, educational institutions, schools and daycare centers are not considered high-risk places for exposure to COVID-19. As the disease is rapidly spreading, schools and daycare centers will continuously face situations where some of the children and/or employees are slightly or moderately exposed to infection. The same is also taking place in the society as a whole, not only in daycare centers, schools, and educational institutions. In the present situation, it is no longer justified, or even possible, to place all the exposed in quarantine. Therefore, in the future we will not place anybody exposed to COVID-19 in educational institutions, schools or daycare centers in quarantine. In case of exceptionally large disease clusters, we will assess the need for measures to be taken on a case-specific basis.

A full set of COVID-19 vaccines is effective protection against severe coronavirus disease. When the majority of adults have comprehensive immunity, it is not purposeful to actively search for children's coronavirus infections or to restrict children’s rights in the name of the epidemic. Schools, daycare centers, and educational institutions can battle COVID-19 cases the same way they battle other respiratory infections. It is of the utmost importance that you stay at home when sick. In addition, you must observe good cough and blowing-your-nose etiquette and hand hygiene. As of grade 3, schoolchildren, students and employees shall wear face masks, regularly ventilate rooms, and avoid different combinations of groups.

All Vantaa daycare centers, schools and educational institutions have been instructed to send a bulletin of potential exposure to a student’s or child's guardian when a person participating in the group has been confirmed to have COVID-19 and when the person has been at the educational institution/school/daycare center when infectious. This guideline will be valid until further notice.

Instructions related to children: Children and COVID-19 - THL

Information on COVID-19 on the City of Vantaa website.

In order to decelerate the epidemic, it is of key importance to observe general instructions for good hand hygiene and cough etiquette, for reducing close contacts, for wearing face masks, as well as for taking COVID-19 vaccines.

At the moment, 5-year-olds and older can take the set of COVID-19 vaccines, which diminishes coronavirus infections and effectively protects against severe coronavirus disease. You can make an online vaccination appointment at, or by calling the appointment service of your municipality of residence. Vantaa residents can make vaccination appointments by phone, tel. 09 5844 3030 (Mon-Fri at 8:00-16:00). More information on COVID-19 vaccinations

If you get symptoms indicative of coronavirus, stay at home and go to COVID-19 testing according to the THL’s instructions. You can make an assessment of your need for testing and book an appointment for a COVID-19 test online at: You can also make an appointment for testing by calling Vantaa health centers’ coronavirus helpline, tel. 09 839 50070, on Mon-Fri: 8:00-18:00 and on Sat-Sun: 9:00-16:00. When waiting for the test result, stay at home.

Vantaa Communicable Diseases and Infection Control Unit

Published: 11.1.2022 
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