Vantaa to adopt new guidelines because of coronavirus situation

The coronavirus situation has worsened also in Vantaa in the late summer, and infections are running high. The metropolitan area coronavirus coordination group decided in its meeting on August 12 to adopt the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland's recommendations, which means that the City of Vantaa has updated its guidelines for using premises.

The new guidelines aim to reduce the number of infections while also accounting for other factors affecting the residents’ wellbeing.

The following guidelines will enter into force on August 20:

  • The regional state administrative agency's decisions on the restrictions to public events will be recommended for arranging private events. The guideline will be in force until further notice.
  • City-managed customer premises, open to the public, will remain open with restrictions. Open indoor exercise premises will be available to half the number of the normal number of customers.
  • Libraries and self-service libraries will remain open. Citizens' houses will remain open to the extent possible and by accounting for the restrictions.
  • Museums will remain open. Cultural premises will remain open in accordance with the regional state administrative agency's restrictions.
  • Youth centers will remain open with the restriction of 25 simultaneous people on the premises.
  • Open exercise premises (swimming halls and gyms) will remain open.
  • Other exercise premises will remain open with normal opening hours based on the turns of use granted. The guideline will be in force until further notice.
  • Hobby activities and hobby-related competitions are allowed to children and adults. Separate instructions have been compiled for hobby activities, which, for example, clubs must observe.
  • Basic art education will take place in contact instruction. Children's cultural hobby activities will be realized within the restrictions. City-organized hobby activities will be implemented as local services.
  • Adult education center's courses will mostly take place in contact instruction.
  • Open education’s reading skills training, basic education for adults, and other integration training will be arranged in contact instruction.
  • Youth centers and Vernissa were opened with restrictions on May 3, 2021. Youth work’s focus will remain on outdoor activities. Youth Services will implement its services in such a way that at max. 25 people may simultaneously be on the same premises. The same instructions will be applied to Vernissa as to other event premises. Camp centers’ activity organizers will themselves be responsible for ensuring that the restrictions are realized. Youth Services will not arrange its own camp activities.
Published: 18.8.2021 
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