The young gather to celebrate beginning of new school year — discuss safety with highschoolers in advance

By tradition, students in Vantaa high schools celebrate the beginning of the new school year and new highschoolers. On the following Friday nights, the young will presumably celebrate in parks and outdoor recreation areas such as Heureka and Jokiuoma parks.

The young themselves organize their celebrations, which are not included in educational institutions’ activities. Students have announced that they will arrange parties at least on August 13 and the following Friday nights.

In earlier years, numerous minors have come to the parties, and some of them have been strongly intoxicated. Accidents happen each year in these parties. Furthermore, these new-school-year parties have also attracted lots of young people who are not students at Vantaa high schools. Some of the partiers have joined the celebrations with the aim of assault and stealing. Even those who remain sober may become crime victims.

In earlier years the celebration has translated into a lot of work for the police, ambulance, youth workers, and voluntary employees. East Uusimaa Police Department, the City of Vantaa Youth Work, and Finnish Red Cross volunteers have prepared for the weekend and will be on the spot this year as in earlier ones.

The City of Vantaa youth workers also serve over the phone, and the phone numbers of outreach youth work in Vantaa are:

  • East Vantaa: Aleksi Ruuskanen p. 040 587 4599
  • West Vantaa: Nea Suorela p. 050 314 5579

Call the number if you are concerned about your condition or about the condition of another young person. The emergency telephone number 112 serves in cases of immediate distress and danger.

Guardians are encouraged to discuss responsible drinking and risks related to celebrating the new school year with their children. Guardians should be accessible by phone especially on the party night and answer calls even from unknown numbers, since the call might come, for example, from a young person needing help, the Police, or a youth worker.

Published: 11.8.2021 
(modified: )