Fall term begins for preschoolers, 1st-graders, and new students in Vantaa today, August 11

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Bulletin, August 11, 2021

In August, many children and teens begin a new chapter in their life when starting pre-primary education, school attendance, and studying. The majority of the above will begin the fall term on Wednesday, August 11.

In Vantaa 2,996 children will begin pre-primary education. Altogether 2,532 children have enrolled in one-year-long pre-primary education, while some Vantaa children are participating in a two-year pre-primary education trial. The number of children chosen to participate in the 2-year pre-primary education trial amounts to 464.

Also basic education begins its fall term on Wednesday, and around 2,500 first-graders begin their school attendance. Vantaa has 33 schools that provide 1st-grade instruction.
Vantaa high schools and Vantaa Vocational College Varia begin their fall term on Wednesday, as well. Vocational college Varia’s first-year students began their studies already on Wednesday last week. The city of Vantaa has five Finnish-language and one Swedish-language day high schools, and altogether 1,271 new students were admitted to them. You can also perform high-school studies at Vantaa Upper Secondary School for Adults and at Sotunki distance learning high school that applies the high school education for adults curriculum. A total of 1,216 students will begin their studies at vocational college Varia’s four different campuses.

We wish all new children and teens warmly welcome to study in Vantaa!

Published: 11.8.2021 
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