Dear Guardians of Children in Early Childhood Education!

Information for Guardians of Children in Early Childhood Education 6.8.2021

Vantaa Early Childhood Education begins its new operating period. All daycare centers will be open on August 2, 2021, and club activities will begin on August 11, 2021. We warmly wish all children and families to re-join our services after the summer.

New children beginning in early childhood education/pre-primary education and familiarization practices

Vantaa Early Childhood Education applies a familiarization model for those beginning early childhood education, which will be adopted right at the start of the operating period by observing hygiene practices.

In the fall term, familiarization with early childhood education/pre-primary education will take place outdoors to the extent possible. In addition, familiarization can be implemented by utilizing remote access/bulletins between the guardians and the employees. During the familiarization period, the guardian together with their child gets to know the premises of the early childhood education place, the activities of the group of children, the employees, and the other children. Guardians are encouraged to play with their children on the yard of the daycare center also outside the operating hours.

Guardians and children can visit Vantaa's early childhood education premises under the guidance of the employees and by observing hygiene instructions. When a child and family come to familiarize themselves with the indoor premises, one employee will meet with them. During the visit, there will be no other children or adults on the premises simultaneously. Please avoid touching the tools available and, for example, playing with them.

You can only come and visit the daycare center or family day care when healthy.

Child groups’ activities

Bringing and fetching children will be conducted in cooperation with the guardians as applicable to each unit. It is important that also the guardians were a face mask when inside. The groups of children will function as usual in small groups during the day. The activities strive to minimize the number of contacts by arranging as many activities outdoors as possible and engaging in outdoor physical exercise to the extent possible. Outdoor activities will be spaced out in order to avoid contacts between groups when outside. When having meals, the employees will hand the portions to the children. The children themselves are not allowed to pick up food or handle other children's dishes and flatware. If a child is absent from early childhood education or pre-primary education, they will not participate in meals arranged on early childhood education or pre-primary education premises.

Children may bring an important toy to early childhood education and take it home after the early childhood education day. Children can also bring other personal items such as sunscreen and sun glasses with them to the day-care center.

You may not come to early childhood education and pre-primary education, if you have any flu symptoms. Take the child immediately to a coronavirus test, if they have any symptoms indicating coronavirus infection.  If the test result is negative and the symptoms are clearly diminishing, the children may return to early childhood education and preschool education, even though some of the symptoms remain. If the symptoms return or increase later, the children must take a new test. Families do not have to present any certificate; their own announcement of a negative test result is sufficient. If there are several children in the same family that became sick at the same time, one negative coronavirus test result is sufficient. The family’s other children who have no symptoms are allowed to participate in early childhood education.  If a child is verified to have the coronavirus infection, the health authorities will decide on the quarantine.

Attending physicians or the place of treatment will assess the participation in early childhood education of those children belonging in risk groups. Despite the enhanced hygiene, we will ensure that the children will receive the adults’ nearness, security and interaction—to the extent possible— in the same way as before the coronavirus pandemic.

Cooperation with guardians

LEOPS (child's preschool-education learning plan) and VASU (child's early-childhood-education plan) discussions will be conducted during the fall. The discussions will mainly take place by remote access.

Further information will be provided by your child's early childhood education place.

Kind regards,
Vantaa Early Childhood Education Services

Published: 6.8.2021 
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