Spruce up bulletin boards! – let’s cheer Vantaa's outlook up together

Two painters painting bulleting board orange

Vantaa has myriad infamous bulletin boards whose torn and yellowed event notifications date back a couple of decades. These wretched bulletin boards are now given an uplift - since things get done in Vantaa!

Come and join us in cheering up Vantaa’s outlook! We are looking for Vantaa associations, businesses, event arrangers, workmates, sports clubs, and other actors to spruce up the bulletin boards together with us.

The work may entail, for instance, painting, crocheting, yarnbombing, papier-mâché or colorful fabrics. The only recommendation is that the boards contain Vantaa’s online event calendar's address: tapahtumat.vantaa.fi.

Enroll in groups of 2-4 persons, at the latest on April 18. The bulletin boards will be spruced up by May 10. Below is the enrollment link: https://link.webropol.com/s/tuunataantaulut (in Finnish)

Spruce up bulletin boards! campaign in a nutshell

The spruced-up bulletin boards shall contain Vantaa’s online event calendar's address: tapahtumat.vantaa.fi, but otherwise the style and execution are free.
The participants are themselves responsible for the materials. Now is a good time to fetch your old paints from the storage and make use of them! Participation is free of charge.

The spruced-up bulletin boards and their maker teams will be published on Vantaa Day on a voting site of their own, as well as on the City of Vantaa’s social media, after which they will be voted on.

The media will be informed about the campaign, the work will be shot, and the materials will be used in the City of Vantaa’s communications and marketing. All the participants and completed boards will be published on selected channels for voting. The contact person must be an adult and minors who participant must have their guardians’ permission.

There are around 50 bulletin boards all around Vantaa. The maximum number of participants may not exceed the number of the boards. We will send you more detailed instructions as well as information on the location of the bulletin board assigned to you after termination of the enrollment period.

The campaign’s time may be changed due to current assembly restrictions or other regulations.

Come and cheer up Vantaa’s streetscape together with your friends!


  • Enrollment: April 6-18
  • Sprucing up the bulletin boards: April and May
  • Publishing the boards: Vantaa Day, May 15
  • Voting period: May 15-31
  • Publishing the winning board: June 1, on the City of Vantaa channels

Further information via email viestinta@vantaa.fi

Published: 9.4.2021 
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