Participatory budgeting begins in Havukoski, Länsimäki and Mikkola in April

Kuvituskuva, ihmisiä aurinkoisessa säässä

Participatory budgeting will begin in Havukoski, Länsimäki and Mikkola during the spring. Participatory budgeting refers to a process in which the local residents get to decide how their area will be developed. Residents can suggest their own ideas, and the ones that will be implemented are selected through voting. Each area has 50,000 euros at their disposal.

The ideas must be related to increasing attractiveness in the city’s outdoor areas, i.e. parks, streets, exercise areas and yards at schools and day care centres. The idea can be a small change in the environment or an activity. The participatory budgeting initiatives are called Our Havukoski, Our Länsimäki and Our Mikkola.

The money can be used for, for example, new benches, exercise equipment or bicycle racks. “The local residents know their neighbourhood the best, so we are excepting a variety of ideas on how to develop the areas,” says City Engineer Henry Westlin.

Participatory budgeting begins with an idea phase during 21 April – 16 May. Anyone can submit ideas, whether they live in the area or not. Ideas can be submitted on the website. We also aim to organise a COVID 19 compliant manner to submit ideas on paper.

After the idea phase, the city’s experts will review the ideas and develop them together with the residents to create plans that will proceed to the vote. The development phase includes workshops that everyone is welcome to participate in.

In order to be able to develop the idea all the way into a plan, it must be affordable enough and fulfil all of the requirements. The development of a single plan can cost up to 35,000 euros so that it’s possible to implement several plans.

After the development phase, the plans will proceed to a vote that is organised during 22 September – 17 October. The plans with the most votes will be implemented in 2022.

More information about participatory budgeting in Havukoski, Länsimäki and Mikkola will be published before the idea phase begins in April.

Last year, ideas for improving the neighbourhood were submitted in Hakunila and Martinlaakso.

In 2020, we organised corresponding participatory budgeting initiatives in Hakunila and Martinlaakso.

The winning ideas in Hakunila were a disc golf course, renewal of the signposts along the Hakunila jogging path and improvement of lighting.

In Martinlaakso, the implemented ideas include a bug-friendly meadow, a hazardous waste bin, additional waste bins in busy passageways and parks, additional flowerbeds, trees and bushes, park yoga, intensive cleaning in the shopping centre and station area, cleaning of the Laajavuori rocks, and farming boxes.

You can follow the implementation of the selected plans on the website.

Published: 1.4.2021 
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