Coronavirus vaccinations expanded to cover 50—69-year-olds belonging to risk group 2

We have received more vaccines, and vaccination appointments are now available through the online appointment service and over the phone. At the moment, call-back requests left at the phone service are mostly returned during the same day. We estimate that the first vaccination round for the elderly will be completed by mid-April.

We are currently vaccinating:

People who have their 70th birthday this year and older (born in 1951 or earlier).

16–69-year-olds (born in 2005-1952) belonging to risk group 1 , that is, those who are at an especially great risk of a severe coronavirus disease because of their state of health. Read more detailed list here.

50–69-year-olds (born in 1971-1952) belonging to risk group 2, that is, those with a disease or condition exposing them to a difficult coronavirus disease: Read more detailed list here.

In addition to centralized vaccination points, we are vaccinating these target groups at care units for the elderly, Vantaa hospitals, home care, and housing units for the disabled.

You must make an appointment for the vaccination. Primarily, make an appointment online at:

If you cannot make an online appointment, you can make the appointment by leaving a call-back request, tel. 09 839 50090 (Mon-Fri: 8:00-15:00). When you have submitted a call-back request, it is a promise of a vaccination appointment to a person belonging to the target group. We will call you back several times.

Follow the progress of vaccinations in Vantaa and your own vaccination turn:

Published: 19.3.2021 
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