Appointments for coronavirus vaccinations now available for people ages 70-74

The City of Vantaa's vaccination points are Sanomala vaccination point and Hiekkaharju Varia vaccination point. We are now vaccinating:

  • Vantaa residents who turn 70 this year and are older.
  • Vantaa residents ages 16-69 who, because of their state of health, face a very high risk of coronavirus (risk group 1, See list here.)

On Thursday March 3, appointment can be also made for people ages 65-69 with an illness or condition exposing them to a severe coronavirus disease (risk group 2, see list below)

  • Asthma demanding chronic medication
  • Severe heart disease such as heart failure (excluding mere hypertension)
  • Apoplexy or other neurological disease or condition hampering breathing
  • Medical treatment for an autoimmune disease weakening the immune system
  • Severe chronic liver disease
  • Type 1 diabetes or hypoadrenalism
  • Severe sleep apnea
  • Psychosis
  • Morbid obesity (body mass index, BMI, at least 40)

We ask you to make an online appointment at:

If you cannot make an online appointment, you can leave a call-back request (tel. 09 839 50090, Monday-Friday at 8:00-15:00). In order to not overload the line, the phone number is only meant for the target group’s appointments, not for any other inquiries.

Once you have successfully submitted a call-back request, it is a promise of vaccination time. We recommended that you keep your phone with you. We will call you back several times.

Follow the progress of vaccinations in Vantaa and your own vaccination turn:

Coronavirus vaccinations continue in Vantaa according to the national order of coronavirus vaccinations.

Published: 11.3.2021 
(modified: )