Grants for arranging clubs’ exercise hobbies can be applied for fall 2020

Myyrmäen jäähalli

You can apply the City of Vantaa Sports Services for two different kinds of grants for developing exercise hobbies in fall 2020. The grants’ special theme in the fall is arranging remote hobby services. It is also possible to receive aid for organizing these operations.

Supervisor grants can be applied for hobby groups and events arranged especially in the evenings and over the weekends, whereas project grants for schools’ sports club activities can be applied for clubs arranged in connection with the school day. The restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic will be applied to arranging these activities.

Supervisor grants for exercise hobbies

-Supervisor grants for exercise hobbies may be granted to compensate for the expenses arising from using exercise hobby supervisors. The activities shall be targeted at Vantaa residents

-The activities shall be guided and open to everybody; low-threshold activities that prioritize children and the young

-Grants can also be applied for events and camps

-Membership in a club may not be required of the participants

-Participants may pay at max. €100/year; free-of-charge groups are prioritized

-Supervisor compensation is €25-€38 / supervisor / hour

-The groups shall be published on’s hobby-search site

-Grants awarded by Leisure and Recreation Committee

Project grants for schools’ sports clubs’ activities

-Project grants help to arrange low-threshold sports clubs in Vantaa elementary schools with 3rd-9th-graders as the target group

-The activities constitute part of the schools’ club activities: they are free for students, the schools take the accident insurance on the students’ behalf, and the schools’ equipment can be used

-The clubs shall agree with the schools on the appropriate times, premises and target groups

-The clubs shall make an agreement on the activities with Sports Services: supervisor compensation is €25-€38 / supervisor / hour

-The groups shall be published on’s hobby-search site

-Financing from the Ministry of Education's project fund

The grants shall be applied for online at:

In issues related to new schools’ sports clubs, contact Päivi Sillanpää.

Further information:

Päivi Sillanpää

Sports Services Coordinator

+350 40 353 4663

Published: 16.9.2020 
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