55. Välimaa, Saara

Kuva Saara Välimaa


Residential area:

Hi! I am Saara Välimaa, 15 years old from Ylästö. I have music and scouting as hobbies. I heard about the Youth Council at school a couple of years ago, and I decided to stand as a candidate now because I want to make an impact on youth issues. What is important to me is justice and the fight against climate change.

Leisure time activities:
Flute playing, scouting, reading

Comments on the election compass questions:
1. There are no features in Vantaa that would make it an unsafe place for young people to live.
2. Leisure time activities are an important way for children and young people to spend time, make friends and express themselves, and the financial situation of the family should not determine whether the child/young person has the opportunity to have a hobby. In my opinion, Vantaa could also offer families help to pay for a paid hobby instead of a free hobby.
3. Vantaa must be a pioneer in the fight against climate change, because every municipality must do everything in its fight against climate change. If one of Finland's largest cities (like Vantaa) is a pioneer, it will have a greater impact on climate change and set an example for other cities, because then the pioneer would affect more than two hundred thousand people, even if it is only one municipality.
4. The school should be a safe place for every pupil, so I think that school violence and bullying should be tackled more vigorously until every school bullying victim (and bully) gets help.
5. I think the level of school food has dropped, but the food is still pretty good and there is enough of it.
6. Many young people are interested in political influence, and 16-year-olds are mature enough to decide whom they vote for, how voting affects things, and to seek information about municipal elections and candidates.
7. I do not think that public transportation should be free of charge, because then money for the price of travel tickets would be taken away from something else. I think it is a very good arrangement for children, students, and pensioners, for example, to get a discount on public transportation; instead of making public transportation completely free of charge, people should easily get a discount if there is a bad financial situation.
8. Priority should be given to public transportation, as climate change will force people to reduce private car use. Primarily considering public transportation is the best option because then people need a car the least. Even if there were also good opportunities for cycling, for example, you could still get from one place to another faster by car or public transportation.
9. I would use the money to renovate schools because it is more comfortable for students to come to a school that is in good shape and there are no indoor air problems in the school, for example. If there is mold in the school, for example, it is better that the matter is rectified as soon as possible, and the situation is not allowed to fester, because then the students may have to study elsewhere for a long time.