54. Väliheikki, Ronja

Kuva Ronja Väliheikki


Residential area:

I am the oldest child in a family of five. In addition, our family has a six-year-old dog Ruut. I have worked in the student council of the Veromäki School for a long time. I have always been interested in common things and am active in taking care of them. I want to promote hobby opportunities and mental health services for young people in Vantaa.

Leisure time activities:
Athletics, reading, and sewing.

Opportunity for everyone to have a hobby

Comments on the election compass questions:
1. My residential area Pakkala and Kartanonkoski are safe. I don’t have to fear violence or other harassment when moving about outside alone. I also feel that my travel to West Vantaa for hobbies is safe.
2. It is important to me that every child has the right to do things in their free time. Leisure time activities give you the opportunity to fulfill yourself and make new friends. This opportunity must be available to all young people, regardless of their level of wealth.
3. Vantaa does not need to be a pioneer, but resources must be strongly focused on combating climate change. Every decision made in Vantaa should take into account sustainable development and ecology.
4. Many schools have a Kiva School program, but I don't think it works well enough. More means are needed to combat bullying, such as increasing mental health services and meaningful leisure time activities for young people in Vantaa.
5. I think one could rather prepare plain and simple dishes for schools than try to find new great taste experiences. I am often not happy with the level of school food.
6. There are good things to both sides in either maintaining or lowering the voting age.
7. I think that public transport tickets in Vantaa are affordable for young people. By paying for public transport, we have wider and higher quality routes.
8. Vantaa is big as a city, so cycling trips would become very long. That is why I would prefer that attention is paid in route plans to the smooth running of public transport.
9. The coronavirus pandemic has increased the loneliness and mental health problems of young people. All young people in need should be able to access health care as soon as possible. Hiring more school psychologists would make it easier to get help.