53. Vignisdóttir, Diljá

Kuva Dilja Vignisdottir


Residential area:

I live in Martinlaakso with my family. I am a candidate for the Youth Council because I want to influence Vantaa's decision-making and matters concerning young people.

Leisure time activities:
Music, scouting, basketball, and CrossFit

Comments on the election compass questions:
2. Hobbies have been shown to have a good effect on mental health and learning. Hobby activities could be carried out, for example, through youth spaces.
3. Climate change should play an important role in Vantaa's decision-making in the coming years. Carbon neutrality should be pursued as soon as possible. If Vantaa finds workable models for combating climate change, they could also be used in other municipalities. The city could model after other municipalities that have developed functional models.
4. Everyone deserves a safe learning environment. Concern for one’s own safety and mental health should not be an obstacle. School violence and bullying must be completely eradicated.
6. Young people should be able to influence decisions about their future.
7. Public transportation should not be completely free of charge to generate revenue from tickets and not have to pay for everything with tax revenue. However, prices should be reduced, as public transportation is an everyday need for many.
8. Public transportation should be easily accessible. Using public transportation is more ecological than private cars. For many, public transportation is also the main means of transportation.
9. Indoor air and mold problems in some schools should be rectified so that it is healthy to study in schools and there is no need to dismantle them. Old school furniture could also be replaced and recycling improved.