52. Vauhkonen, Miro

Kuva Miro Vauhkonen


Residential area:

Hello, I am an 18-year-old experienced representative on the Youth Council, where I am now running for a third term. I started in that position in early 2018. To date, there have been a number of problems affecting young people which have called for determined action. For example, school food, youth mental health services, public transportation, and the lack of resources in schools have aroused thoughts in me and the need for action.

The coming session 2022-2023 will be a time of upheaval. After the Covid crisis, adapting young people towards the normal will be very challenging. In addition, the economic situation in Vantaa has deteriorated further. Nor can we avoid nasty solutions in a difficult situation.

That is why, in these difficult times, we need experienced and outspoken representatives on the Youth Council so that youth advocacy and networks with city officials and politicians are not shaken. We also need a stable voice that takes into account the harsh realities of the economy before we go shopping indefinitely for everything nice. That's what I'm ready for.

Leisure time activities:
Volleyball, daily monitoring of politics, and influencing. Further study plans in law, business, and economics are of interest.

Vauhkonen - freedom, prosperity and stability for Vantaa!

Comments on the election compass questions:
1. After the Covid pandemic, the number of crimes started to rise sharply in Vantaa. For example, police home alarm calls increased by 40% and robberies by as much as 80% in 2020. A total of about 28,000 crimes were committed, i.e., three crimes per hour. Although most of Vantaa is generally perceived as safe, certain areas, such as Myyrmäki, Korso, and Tikkurila train stations, are perceived as particularly unsafe. I believe that the resources of guards and police should be significantly increased in order to improve their ability to carry out their duties.
2. In my opinion, the task of the city is not to offer free hobbies to all children and young people, but rather it is the task of sports clubs and the church. Nor do I see that the city can afford to do this. However, the framework for performing hobbies should be in order, such as providing gyms for field hobbies.
3. Vantaa is giving up the use of coal already in 2022 and the carbon-neutral target is in 2030. This target will be achieved by, among other things, new energy-efficient housing, more efficient transportation, and the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.
4. We really need tougher means to solve this age-old problem. We already have all 15-year-olds having criminal liability - so why not apply criminal law to blatant assaults/verbal offenses?
5. It varies according to the educational institution, but according to what I have heard, the school food offered by Vantti has had poor quality. The reason for this is that Vantti is the city's own company, which has never been invited to tender since its establishment in 2012. Now the council has planned a possible tender for Vantti as well as a possible run-down - with the aim of finding a better food manufacturer. I strongly support this.
6. I think this could be tested in the next municipal elections as a pilot experiment and study the consequences. At the same time, the right to vote would also mean the right to stand as a candidate. A lower voting age is likely to raise voter turnout in all age groups of young people, but on the other hand would expose young people more sensitively to populism and other speech that influences voting decisions.
7. Again, this is the kind of topic where everything nice should be free. The fact is that today half of HSL's funding comes from municipal taxes and half from ticket revenues. Similarly, with public transport being free, tax increases would be inevitable. I think the current ticket prices are very appropriate and affordable - minors and students are also offered significant 50% and 45% discounts.
8. The fact is that people move the most by car, being the most practical vehicle of all the above. However, all modes of transport should be developed where possible, without prejudice to other options. The role of public transport in reducing emissions is also significant.
9. 100 000 euros is too small amount to improve school food or renovate schools. I think that youth facilities are already well available. However, this amount would provide an estimated 2-3 school psychology / curators for a year, of which there is an acute shortage in Vantaa. Such a healthcare professional helps hundreds of young people during the year.