50. Tuhkanen, Roosa

Kuva Roosa Tuhkanen


Residential area:

I am Roosa Tuhkanen from Peltola school's 8E class. What is important to me is equality, nature, and discussing things. I am happy, positive, and I like working in a group. I am a candidate for the Youth Council because I have always been interested in influencing matters and already in the third grade, I ran for the student union for the first time. I got there and continued my activities there for 3 years.

Leisure time activities:
For a hobby, I dance ballet in advanced studies, and I am participating in a year-long bowling course.

In the Youth Council, I would like to highlight the schoolyards of Vantaa schools. They need more activities. Mere concrete poles and broken basket swings do not inspire young people to go outside during recess. It is also important for me to make Vantaa a safe place for all young people, and to take care of Vantaa's environment.

Comments on the election compass questions:
1. I think Vantaa is a safe place for young people to live, because a lot of families live in Vantaa and traveling to places is easy and safe. However, there are places where it is not safe for young people to walk alone, especially in the evenings.
2. It is important that every child gets free leisure time activities in Vantaa, because leisure time activities help to make new friends, increase exercise for the days and, at best, help find a passion for something new. The young person develops in hobbies, receiving feedback and praise. For many, going to a hobby also reduces anxiety, for example.
3. Climate change is something that needs to be taken seriously. That is why I think it is important in schools, for example, to tell students about this, to do climate events, and to listen to what young people think about the situation on earth.
4. Bullying and violence in schools must end. The school should be a place where all children and young people feel safe. For many young people, it is difficult to talk openly about bullying or violence against themselves. It would therefore be important for the issue to be addressed in all schools.
5. School food in Vantaa is very varied and healthy. In Vantaa, we are ready to listen to what we think about school food and hold requested food days, as well as festive meals. Vantaa's schools offer vegetarian food and vegan options. However, many miss variation in these.
6. In municipal elections, the voting age can, in my opinion, be lowered to 16 years. It is important that young people have the opportunity to vote for the person they want to decide on things that also have a big impact on our everyday lives.
7. I think that public transportation in Vantaa should be free of charge, because many people use public transportation every day. It would also help many low-income families get their child to school safely and easily.
8. The most important thing in improving traffic, roads and streets in Vantaa is to take public transportation into account. If public transportation is made clear, easy, and safe, people will have a lower threshold to start using public transportation.
9. I think it is important that the school environment is clean, clear, and that there are a lot of activities for young people in the schoolyards. It is often assumed that teens are not interested in anything other than phones during recess. However, if a wide range of activities were offered, it would be more comfortable for young people during recess. A good example is my school, where there are a couple of concrete poles and a broken basket swing stand in the schoolyard.