47. Tienvieri, Aleksi

Kuva Aleksi Tienvieri


Residential area:

Hi! I’m a young person living in Ylästö. I am interested in politics and social issues and would like to get involved in youth issues.

Leisure time activities:
Playing the piano and a band club.

The voice of young people is important in politics!

Comments on the election compass questions:
1. I think it is safe to live in Vantaa, because young people’s matters are good in Vantaa and they are taken care of.
2. Every child and young person should be offered a free hobby in Vantaa, because not everyone may have the ability to pay for a child's or young person's hobby and all young people and children have the right to have a hobby.
3. Vantaa should be a pioneer in the fight against climate change, because then other municipalities could take an example of Vantaa's activities for it.
4.Vantaa must tackle school bullying and school violence more heavily, because no one should be bullied at school, nor should they ever experience violence or the threat of violence.
5. I have noticed that many do not eat school food. It is tasteless.
6. In my opinion, the age limit for municipal elections should not be lowered, because young people can influence the affairs of the municipality in other ways, for example through the youth council.
7. Public transport should not be free of charge because the price is appropriate and then if it were free of charge then the municipality would need to cut money on something else because then public transport would be financed with municipal funds.
8. Cycling should be given priority in the development of traffic, roads and streets in Vantaa, because many people in Vantaa use bicycles. Next to the walkways you could have a bike lane where only the bikes could ride, it could lead to more biking.
9. Vantaa could use 100,000€ for school food, because then the quality and taste of school food would improve, and many could eat school food as a result.