46. Tala, Pihla

Kuva Pihla Tala


Residential area:

Hi! I’m an eighth-grade girl in music class. In my free time I like hiking in the woods with my dog. Nature and friends are important. I am also a 4H entrepreneur.

Leisure time activities:
Musical theater, horseback riding, flute playing.

Prejudices and assumptions crush more dreams than failures will ever crush

Comments on the election compass:
1. There are many differences between the security of different residential areas in Vantaa, but in general Vantaa is a pretty safe place for young people to live. Of course, there is room for improvement.
2. Leisure time activities are at least important to me. Every young person and child, even those who cannot afford it, should have the right to get a hobby.
3. If all cities thought they didn’t have to be the best, who would be the best? Climate change is a very important issue, but not the only development target in Vantaa. More attention should be paid to climate change, but other things must not be forgotten.
4. School bullying and violence are things that leave a mark, the bigger the longer it lasts. Too often, a bullied or victim of violence has to change class or school when things are not addressed quickly and rigorously enough.
5. The level of school food is not very good in my opinion. The nutritional values we learn in school are out of place. Vegetarian food in particular is mainly lettuce and fiber, and almost never tastes good. The school should inspire students to eat vegetarian food, not ruin its reputation.
6. I think the 16-year-old is mature enough to vote in municipal elections. The municipal council also deals with the issues of young people, so young people should also be allowed to participate in the decision. Participating in decision-making before the age of 18 would increase young people's sense of belonging to society.
7. If the public transport was free, it would probably run even more, which would further increase costs. Tickets aren’t very expensive after all, and most families can afford them. Ticket prices could be lowered for young people, or even special free days / weeks could be held, so traveling without a ticket would probably be reduced.
8. Public transport must be given priority in development, as they are important to many. Young people in particular travel there to many places, such as school, friends or hobbies. Public transport should be as easy as possible to make it easier for younger people to use.
9. The mental health of young people is an important issue, it has a big impact on society and its future. Still, even young people have to queue for a long time to get help because there are not enough staff. Knowledge of long queues and waiting increases the threshold to open one’s mouth and ask for help. No young person should be left alone with their thoughts, so I would spend 100,000 euros on hiring school psychologists and curators.