45. Taht, Oscar

Kuva Oscar Taht


Residential area:

Howdy! My name is Oscar, Oscu among friends, and I am a 17-year-old upper secodary school student from here in Vantaa. In addition to studying, I work as a swimming teacher and otherwise usually hang out with friends. Personally, I have been on the Vantaa Youth Council for two terms and I am aiming for the third and final term - it would be great to succeed in this!

Leisure time activities:
Lifting weights & Video games

Lite bättre!

Comments on the election compass questions:
1. I think Vantaa is a safe place to live, but unfortunately in some areas it is uncomfortable to move about in the evenings. However, it is great to see that these areas have been identified and attention is being paid to their safety.
2. The idea that everyone would have one free hobby would be great. This would give all children and young people the opportunity to do something, but I wonder if this can make it possible for everyone to have a hobby they like. However, would it make more sense to develop a system that supports the hobbies of those in need of support and in a hobby that the child engages in?
3. Climate change is a serious issue that Vantaa could most prominently prioritize, bringing everyday measures to the attention of Vantaa residents and always prominently linking environmental impacts to development projects. Vantaa could serve as a model for other municipalities and cities as a pioneer for climate change and a growth center.
4. School bullying or violence is not sufficiently addressed. There are no resources according to the current situation, but more need to be found. If left unaddressed, school will become an unsafe place for some, hampering both learning and teaching, which is at the heart of school. In addition, it should be understood that bullying does not necessarily take place at school or during school hours, but online, and Vantaa must have trained personnel for this purpose.
5. At the price at which school food is produced, it is of an excellent standard. However, even more could be invested in the diversity of school food and vegetarian options.
6. The right of young people to vote would be great, as it would also give young people the ability to express their opinions and ideas. But I also think that this would require that there be candidates of the same age in the election, which would make it easier for young people to find their own candidate.
7. Free public transport would be a good deed to encourage people to prefer to travel by bus or train. But at the same time, more should be invested in public transport to make its use smoother. Namely, Vantaa has a large number of residents who do not have easy access to the train or areas where bus traffic has been reduced or it is mainly non-existent.
8. More should be invested in public transport. Unfortunately, public transport in Vantaa is not yet working well because buses run too infrequently and there are not many stops in many suburbs.
9. The mental health of young people is an important issue that should be addressed, and even more so after this pandemic. Many young people suffer from some form of mental disorder that greatly impairs their education and possibly their future.