43.Salmi, Anni

Kuva Anni Salmi


Residential area:

Hi! I'm Anni Salmi, 16 years old. I live in Kartanonkoski and study at the Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Natural Sciences. I have worked on the Youth Council in the previous term and have been involved in developing the organization and operation of teaching in Vantaa. I have also been the chairman of the student union of Kartanonkoski School for many years. In these positions, I have been able to promote many things, such as influencing learning conditions at school and have been conducting a survey on young people’s opportunities to influence and develop them. In addition, I have brought the voice of young people to discussions in the Vantaa Board of Education and Learning. I am particularly interested in influencing the well-being of young people and the development of education, and I would like to continue doing so as a member of the Vantaa Youth Council.

Leisure time activities:
In my free time I go to the gym and race in horse-back riding.

Everything can be arranged when it is arranged.

Comments on the electon compass questions:
1.Vantaa's goal is to be safe for its residents. However, Vantaa is a large city and although security is generally good, there is still room for development.
2. Leisure time activities increase community spirit and bring meaningful things to do for many. Therefore, it is important that everyone has the opportunity to have a pleasing hobby.
3. Climate action is topical and requires action from Vantaa as a city. Among other things, we can improve the accessibility of public transport and make sustainable procurements.
4. School bullying is violence and should be addressed with the necessary seriousness.
5. Nutrition is important for learning and therefore special attention should be paid to the quality and adequacy of school food.
6. It is important to make the voice of young people heard, and I think a 16-year-old is already mature enough to take a stand on the issues of his hometown.
7. In principle, free public transport is a good idea, but on the other hand, funding it through revenue transfers takes money out of other things.
8. The best way to increase the use of public transport is that it is easily accessible and pleasant to use.
9. A well-maintained school affects the comfort and well-being of many people.