41. Reinhardt, Julius

Kuva Julius Reinhardt


Residential area:

Hello! Yours truly is a young person who has his base in Vantaa’s Ylästö and is particularly interested in influencing together. I am running for the Vantaa Youth Council so that I can take forward the things that young people consider important. Decision-makers tend to ignore young people whether it is school closures or the future of the planet, so we need a common voice.

Leisure time activities:
At the moment, hobbies mainly include powerlifting. Other points of interest include history and politics.

Make Vantaa Great Again

Comments on the election compass questions:
1. I find Vantaa quite safe compared to many other areas, but there is still room for improvement. In Vantaa, for example, there is school bullying, which may extend beyond school. These kinds of shortcomings should be fixed.
2. It is absolutely essential to encourage young people to take up hobbies, so it is necessary to ensure that even young people who, due to their circumstances, do not have the opportunity to have a hobby to be able to get one. In this way, we guarantee the realization of equal status and at the same time develop the well-being of young people.
3. Combating climate change is one of our most important areas for development. However, it must not run counter to the general well-being of young people. For example, in schools, switching to vegetarian food is not an effective measure, given the reactions among young people (especially boys).
4. Vantaa should strive to eradicate school bullying completely. In particular, progression to violence needs to be prevented more effectively than ever. A safe school environment is everyone’s right.
5. The quality of school food, at least in my own school in Vaskivuori, has not improved. Additional resources should be considered to improve the quality of food, as school food is the most important meal of the day for many.
6. Even if the voting age is not reduced to 16, young people's opportunities to influence must be further developed. Lowering the age limit would be the easiest thing to do, but it is also worthwhile to work through youth organizations.
7. Public transportation is a mandatory expense for many because you take public transportation to school and hobbies on a daily basis. For this reason, completely free public transportation should be considered for young people and students. This would encourage a shift away from vehicles that increase emissions.
8. In the development of road transport, priority should be given to low-emission means of transport. In Finland, it is not possible to bike all year round, so public transportation should be the primary focus of attention.
9. Once school food is in order, it is much easier to focus on other problems. School psychologists/curators also play an important role, but basic needs should be in order before these.