40. Pyrrö, Annika

Kuva Annika Pyrrö


Residential area:

Hello, I am a 13-year-old girl, my hobby is theater at the Tikkurila Theater. I am interested in taking a stand on the well-being and affairs of young people. And that is why I am a member of the student union for the fourth year and now also as chairperson. My dream for the future would be to be able to influence the affairs of young people.

Leisure time activities:
Theater, frisbee golf and outings with my dog.

Young people’s matters need to be heard!

Comments on the election compass questions:
1. My own residential area is safe, but I know that there are also more restless areas in Vantaa.
2. Not all families have the financial opportunity to offer their children a hobby that is really important for the development of a young person.
3. Every municipality, as well as the country, must contribute to the prevention of climate change for all.
4. Every year, young people are excluded by school bullying. In the near future, really shocking examples have emerged of the gruesome consequences of school bullying that has continued for a long time. It needs to be addressed in a timely manner and with a low threshold.
5. During the school day you can't trust that the school food will keep you full even for the school day, and instead you will need to bring your own snacks.
6. It is good to make the voice of young people heard as well.
7. The tax rate would have to be raised, tax funds could rather be used more for the well-being of young people.
8. It is really good to favor public transport.
9. It was from our school that a psychologist dropped out due to family vacation and no substitute has been hired. For some young people, a psychologist may be the only safe adult.