39. Pirjetä, Lilli

Kuva Lilli Pirjetä


Residential area:

I am 17-year-old Lilli Pirjetä, a 10th grade student at Vaskivuori Upper Secondary School. I have been a client of Vantaa Music College since 2011 and culture is close to my heart. I want the conditions in schools to be improved in Vantaa.

Leisure time activities:
Playing the piano, singing, choir, musical theater

Bullying under control in Vantaa!

Comments on the election compass questions:
1. I wouldn't say that. There are a lot of problems, especially in the suburbs. School bullying is also very common here.
2. Leisure time activities bring interest to life and give you new friends. As long as you find your own thing!
3. Climate change is a serious global problem and Vantaa needs to think about its actions in terms of climate change, because Vantaa is a relatively large city and Vantaa is a hub for flying.
4. School bullying is so sadly common here. In Finland, in general, the queues for adolescent psychiatry are only growing. There are many children and young people in Vantaa who are being bullied. Skin color is one of the most common causes. Suicide, depression, and eating disorders affect many. Vantaa should provide training for teachers on the subject, I know many who do not even intervene in bullying.
5. School food is not good at all in basic schools and at Varia. It’s always the same and every Monday the same sauce is always eaten. The food is brought in ready-made plastic bags and heated. Vaskivuori Upper Secondary School food, on the other hand, is good after the effect of last autumn's complaints.
6. Young people want to make a difference! Young people have a right to it! Young people want to be able to make a difference. It’s their hometown where they want a better place to live and live.
7. Public transport is an important transport route. Not everyone has access to a car. There are not enough bus services in public transport in Vantaa, for example on line 571 and 572K. For some lower-income people, it’s a way to travel to take a Covid Test, for example.
8. Public transport (buses in this case) are constantly having to rethink routes, due to ongoing road works.
9. Rehabilitation of schools is very important. Many schools have bad indoor air problems. Schools are constantly being evacuated and scrapped; problems have not been investigated in time.