37. Pennanen, Juho

Kuva Juho Pennanen


Residential area:

I am Juho Pennanen a 14-year-old ninth grader from Kaivoksela and I am applying to Nuva for a second term.

Leisure time activities:

Vote without yelling and present your matter, what you want

Comments on the election compass questions:
1.Because Vantaa is a city where young people can live well, in their own peace and can have what hobbies they want.
2. Because young people are not left alone and exclusion is reduced.
3. Because it would be good for everyone to live here, and the climate would not be a concern
4. Intervention reduces school bullying, school violence, and exclusion
5. The level of school food is good, but in some schools, it is ready-made and in some other schools it is made in the school kitchen on-site, which is why some young people in Vantaa do not eat at school and some again eat.
6. Because it enables keeping young people interested in society by making them aware of what it is like to vote and the turnout is increasing, and it seeks to prevent young people's interest from waning in 3-4 years after 3 years in secondary education and in the military/civilian service during its 0.5 years to one year.
7. Because here in the metropolitan area, this public transport system is a part of our lives because the group goes by bus, train, metro, and also tram to work, school, hobbies and other places and it is cheaper and more climate friendly than driving a car alone.
8. Because some use a bike or other means of transport such as a bus, car, etc. Because these are also used to get from place A to place B and you do not have to deal with public transport schedules.
9. Because without training, it would not be possible to go as far as one would like, because necessary training is needed for the professions now and in the future.