35. Pannu, Pravjot

Kuva Pravjot Pannu


Residential area:

I am Pravjot and I am from Jokiniemi school. I ran for the Youth Council because I want to be a part of promoting improvement for Vantaa for young people. I should be elected to the Youth Council because I have always wanted to promote Vantaa for young people, and I am eager to bring out the opinions of young people.

Leisure time activities:
My hobbies are playing football and going on outings.

A better Vantaa for young people.

Comments on the election compass questions:
1.Vantaa is a fairly safe place for young people, but Vantaa still has unsafe areas, such as the center of Tikkurila, where smoking and drug use are more common than elsewhere in Vantaa.
2. All young people should have the opportunity to pursue hobbies, regardless of their financial situation.
3. Vantaa should be involved in the fight against climate change and like all other towns.
4.Vantaa responds well to school bullying and school violence, but there is still room for improvement.
5. School food is just fine, but sometimes the potatoes are raw or the meat sauce has nothing but 2 pieces of meat in it, which is why many schoolchildren omit eating school food or eat a little.
6. The voting age could be lowered to 16, as young people should also have the power to decide who runs their country.
7. Public transport should be free of charge, as some may not be able to afford to pay money every day, for example, to get to school, because if there is a long school trip that would be really exhausting and for someone who cannot afford a bus, it could burden that person too much.
8. In Vantaa's traffic, it is worth paying attention to cars, because car crashes happen a lot and people are often injured in them.
9. Money should be spent on school food, because then food would get better, which would cause everyone to start eating well at school and not starve at school because it could affect school attendance.