33. Nikkari, Stefan

Kuva Stefan Nikkari


Residential area:

I am Stefan Nikkari 15 yrs. A young boy who wants to influence the affairs of young people, for example in schools and young people's free time. And to influence the development of Vantaa in the future.

Leisure time activities:
Doing logic tasks, doing sports in general, playing computer games and making music.

It’s time for change

Comments on the election compass questions:
1.Vantaa is a safe place to live but, there are areas that should be addressed even more. That Vantaa would be a completely safe place to live without problems.
2. In my opinion, Vantaa should offer at least one hobby for a growing young person. Because hobbies bring pleasure, a child socializes and potentially makes friends from there. Leisure time activities are also really good at taking stress away.
3. Yes, Vantaa should be. As I said earlier, I want to influence the development of Vantaa. In order for Vantaa to be a pioneer in everything compared to other cities, it should also be a pioneer here.
4. I think Vantaa should, because going to school becomes uncomfortable and a schoolchild does not want to come to school because of this. In addition to this, the schoolchild gets a lot of problems and bad thoughts that can lead to bad things and events because of this, and this is what we don’t want.
5. In Vantaa, school food is quite good, but there is room for improvement.
6. I think all young people can make a difference. As long as it stays sensible and doesn’t go absurd.
7. Public transportation should be cheaper for people who have difficulty getting to school or are living far away. Or like now, there are already student discounts.
8. Vantaa should pay more attention to this because if a person has the opportunity to go by bike to a shop, for example, along a good road that has been made well and the journey is not long because the roads have been made in order for them to be fast routes. That way people would exercise more and not use cars, for example. One can get exercise in it, too.
9. I think the most important thing about studying is where you study and what the atmosphere is like there.