28. Malkki, Henri

Kuva Henri Malkki


Residential area:

Hey! I want to influence things for the benefit of young people in Vantaa. I work enthusiastically and think about things from the perspective of all young people. I want Vantaa to be a bullying-free zone. I have also served in the student union of my own school.

Leisure time activities:
Playing the guitar, I also play in a band. I play video games, including Minecraft.

Let’s make Vantaa a Utopia for young people

Comments on the election compass questions:
1.Young people are not threatened with violence, but some young people still experience bullying.
2. Studies show that young people are less mobile, so there should be no charge for the form of exercise that young people like. All young people, including those whose parents do not have the opportunity to support young people’s hobbies, must have the opportunity to have a hobby.
3. Climate change is a serious matter, so Vantaa needs to take action, for example by investing in the quality of vegetarian food in Vantaa schools.
4. Although bullying has been addressed, I have still noticed some students being bullied repeatedly. There are already anti-bullying activities in schools, but not everything can be tackled well enough.
5. School food is mostly good, but sometimes the quality of the food has varied. Pupils’ opinions should be listened to even more, as this would allow more and more people to eat school food.
6. Young people need to be given more opportunities to influence outside the Youth Council as well. I think 16-year-olds are already mature enough to vote. In addition, the issues addressed in the municipalities have the greatest impact on the future of young people.
7. If public transport were free, people would use it more and it would be good for the climate. Even young people have to go to hobbies and the costs involved can be a problem for some.
8. If public transport is given priority in road design, public transport will be desirable and environmentally friendly.
9. Obtaining support is more difficult and has become even more difficult since the Covid period. Money invested in the well-being of young people pays for itself many times over.