26. Lindqvist, Noa

Kuva Noa Lindqvist


Residential area:

Hey! I am a young but experienced influencer. I am applying for the third term to the Youth Council and I serve as a chairperson of the Youth Council. I am particularly interested in public transport, urban planning and youth mental health services. Vote for me and let’s make Vantaa a more comfortable place to live!

Leisure time activities:
The Youth Council and other influencing

Young, but experienced!

Comments on the election compass questions:
1. Based on my own experiences, Vantaa is a safe place to live. I have not experienced any more serious incidents.
2. It is an important means of preventing exclusion.
3. The opportunities offered by the airport should also be utilized on climate issues.
4. Vantaa must offer tools to prevent school bullying
5. Vantaa's school food is edible. There is a lot to develop and after moving to my current school the level was high. Unfortunately, my current school is not in Vantaa.
6. The voice of young people is already carried by the Youth Council.
7. Public transport is already affordable and strongly supported by the city. It is not worthwhile to devote resources to this.
8. Public transport, especially cross-toen traffic, must be developed and taken into account as a matter of priority when making investments.
9. The amount of money is small and does not bring significant benefits to other alternatives. A school psychologist is the most cost effective and beneficial with such a budget.