24. Laaksonen, Eetu

Kuva Eetu Laaksonen


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Hi, important things for me for young people are: good student care, equality and prevention of exclusion.

Leisure time activities:

I say what I mean. I promise.

Comments on the election compass questions:
1. A phenomenon that has appeared in Vantaa, where young people carry knives and other sharp weapons, of course, reduces safety, but of course it does not mean that Vantaa would be a very dangerous place for young people.
2. Everyone should have the opportunity to do something, regardless of family wealth.
3. Vantaa must play its part in combating climate change.
4. I have found that bullying in schools is not necessarily addressed at all, which contributes to the exclusion of the young person. School violence is moderately addressed depending on how badly the victim is injured.
5. School food in Vantaa is very poor, which is why many students do not necessarily eat at all or throw everything in the trash.
6. The voting age could well be lowered for municipal elections, as the municipal council has a significant impact on young people, but young people cannot have a sizeable influence on the municipal council.
7. Public transport should be free only for school trips and even then, only if you live too far from school otherwise it would make no sense.
8. Public transport should be given priority, as public transport is a good option for the climate and young people are more likely to use it the better public transport runs.
9. Currently, the situation of student care is not good, as the same curator may have many schools, because of which a young person may not receive the help he or she needs.