21. Karinen, Daniel

Kuva Daniel Karinen


Residential area:

I am a 17-year-old boy from Vantaa. I am interested in the affairs of young people, and I want to be able to influence them. I have theater as my hobby, and I like to spend time with friends.

Leisure time activities:
I have theater as my hobby.

Deeds not words

Comments on the election compass questions:
1. Accidents and crimes happen in Vantaa the same as everywhere but not often.
2. Many children and young people want to have hobbies but cannot participate in them due to their parents' economic situation.
3. Influencing climate change is the responsibility of all of us.
4. In my opinion, bullying and violence in Vantaa schools is quite minimal.
5. Food is often cold and tasteless.
6. In my opinion, the results of municipal elections do not affect minors as much as adults, so there is no need for minors to vote.
7. Even if it would be nice, public transportation is a business that needs money.
8. Although the new public transportation update has improved many things, it still needs to be addressed.
9. All other possible options would cost much more than 100,000€.