20. Juwaisir, Rihaam

Kuva Rihaam Juwaisir


Residential area:

Hey! My name is Rihaam! I am 17 years old, and I come from Korso. Politics and influencing have been really important to me for quite some time now and they are very close to my heart. I have been on the Vantaa Youth Council for one term and it has been memorable for me! I have been able to influence things with our top group and among other things, I have been able to serve as the secretary to the leadership council. I am now a candidate for the next term, because I want to continue the wonderful and valuable work that we in the Youth Council are doing in Vantaa and specifically for young people. It is absolutely insanely important for me to be a part of listening to and taking young people into account.

Leisure time activities:
In addition to all the influence, at least for now, I am actively involved in theater! In addition, I variously dance on my own, take photographs, write, and play a few instruments!

Let’s ensure that young people's voice is heard and seen in Vantaa!

Comments on the election compass questions:
1. I believe that Vantaa is generally a relatively safe place. However, I do think that Vantaa is far from perfect in this matter. Attention must be paid to safety and security must be ensured.
2. It is really important that both children and young people have the opportunity to pursue a hobby and that the low income level of parents should not be an obstacle. A hobby allows you to express yourself and also to make new friends, for example, and it can be extremely important for many children and young people. In thinking of this, I think it would be important to consider whether this opportunity could be offered specifically to those families who would not otherwise be able to afford it, in which case the support will be targeted at those who need it most.
3. Climate change is a very existing dangerous threat that affects each of us. Vantaa must play its part in combating climate change and set a good example for other municipalities as well.
4. School bullying is unfortunately too common a phenomenon and far too many have experienced it. School violence is also just as serious a threat. Vantaa must do everything in its power to genuinely address these problems and also think about how they should be prevented so that these problems arise as little as possible to begin with.
5. I have been following this discussion for a long time and I feel that almost everyone thinks that the level of school food in Vantaa is not good. Solutions need to be found and students are entitled to improvements in their school food. We need to remember that, for example, food waste is a big problem and by improving school food we can also reduce the amount of food waste.
6. There are many perspectives on this issue. I think it is absolutely insanely important for young people's voices to be heard, and I genuinely see that lowering the voting age could be at least one of the solutions and extremely good. On the other hand, I also understand the concern that not every young person at the age of 16 knows enough about elections and politics to be able to vote smartly and, for example, we want to prevent someone from voting possibly just for kicks, which is detrimental to everyone.
7. I think everyone would be happy if public transportation was free. For low-income people, it could also be a surprisingly great relief for their own expenses. It would also encourage the use of public transportation, which I think is really positive, for example, from a climate perspective. However, it is difficult for me to think about how it would be possible in practice and what kind of system it would work with. I would perhaps find it more realistic to think about how much public transportation should cost and to think about the most reasonable possible prices in general, but also especially for students and the poor in particular.
8. I could imagine public transportation to be a way to travel that is extremely used, so developing it even further would be really good. When improving public transportation, we encourage people to use it and it is, for example, really good from a climate perspective.
9. This was a very difficult question for me, as all of these would be worth investing in. As I understand it, the situation of mental health services is really bad in Vantaa and that is why it is perhaps the most important of all these themes for me. However, I think that health has priority, and it does not make sense to invest in schools, for example, if the health of young people is not even taken care of and young people are left alone to survive. I think it would definitely be best to invest in municipality’s other mental health services that have really long queues more than in schools, where there seems to be a degree of better situation in terms of queues and availability. Of course, the resources of schools must also be invested in.