19. Jokinen, Mimmi

Kuva Mimmi Jokinen


Residential area:

I am Mimmi Jokinen, 17 years old and interested in influencing. I am studying at Tikkurila Upper Secondary School for the second year.

Leisure time activities:
I have been dancing for over nine years. Music has also always been important to me.

Mimmi Jokinen, productive and quick-witted

Comments on the election compass questions:
1.Young young people, especially girls, should not be afraid to travel alone, for example on public transport or in different parts of the city. Racism and bullying also undermine the safety of young people in Vantaa.
2. The idea is good if the city has the opportunity to fund leisure time activities. Exercise promotes the well-being of children and young people, so increasing it would be a good idea.
3. Each individual is responsible for his or her own climate actions. The city should encourage and remind about climate change, but moderation in everything.
4. Schools in Vantaa need to be able to deal with school bullying and violence quickly and with a low threshold. Support instances and means of requesting assistance should also be increased.
5. Vantaa school food is edible, but its level unfortunately varies often.
6. Young people should be more influential in matters concerning the municipality. Lowering the voting age would be the best way to do this. A person aged 16 and over should also be able to stand as a candidate.
7. Public transport fares should be lower for young people and children or even free of charge.
8. Public transport is a growing and important part of traffic in Vantaa. But the rights of private motorists should also not be forgotten or reduced.
9. The well-being of young people is particularly important. Increasing mental health problems among young people and school exhaustion should be high on the list of issues to be addressed. There is a severe shortage of psychologists and curators, so these services should be significantly increased.