17. Huhtakangas, Moona

Kuva Moona Huhtakangas


Residential area:

I am Moona Huhtakangas and I live in Myyrmäki. I currently have judo as well as climbing as hobbies. I want to join the Youth Council because Vantaa is not the best place to live at the moment, so I want to be involved in making it a better place.

Leisure time activities:
Judo and climbing

Let’s make Vantaa a better place together!

Comments on the election compass questions:
1. Vantaa has a particularly high number of drug offenses and other crimes.
2. If young people were given a free hobby, they could spend that time just fooling around. Therefore, a paid hobby would be good because when hobbies are paid for by young people, there is more motivation. However, it may be that not everyone can afford to do it, so for them, it would be good. It would be better for low-income families to be given that opportunity, but not for better-off families.
3. If Vantaa starts this project, other cities can also get involved in combating climate change.
4. I think there is already enough intervention in the activity. If it were addressed more, the action could become excessive.
5. More money could be put in school food and that money could be taken from something else, for example, from class trips.
6. 18-year-olds are smart enough to find out what to vote for. Not all 16-year-olds may be interested in the election at all, so they can just randomly vote for anything.
7. Not everyone can afford public transport and those who have to use a lot of transportation have to pay many thousands of euros a year to get to work, for example.
8. Most people use public transportation as a means of transportation. If suddenly the bus route were to be cut off at some important point, some people would not get to work at all.
9. Today, an awful lot do not eat at school and starve. If more was spent on school food, students would eat more of it and cope better at school.