12. Gongpol, Phornphailin

Kuva Phornphailin Gongpol


Residential area:

Hi! I’m Phornphailin, Phorkku for short. I’m 14, I live in Nikinmäki and I love dancing.

Leisure time activities:
Dancing, Thai boxing, reading, listening to music, watching TV series and movies, and painting.

Comments on the election compass questions:
1.I think it is safest during the day, because at that time there are no drunks and you can move about and be at peace with your friends. But at night and especially when it’s dark, you should just avoid being outside. Otherwise, Vantaa is quite safe.
2. Yes, it should, because some families may not be able to afford a child’s hobby. Everyone should have the opportunity to have a leisure time activity.
3. Climate change is a serious matter, and it is a must to do something. It would be good if Vantaa participated in compensating for the damage caused by climate change.
4. Yes it should. In my school, some don’t even tell teachers about bullying, because usually they’ve only been cleared up by talking to parents and have been cleared up, but it might still go on even if they had gone to talk to the teacher.
5. It's pretty good. There should be more fruit and high-fiber breads. For me, the food is good and I am satisfied.
6. My answer is yes and yeah. Yes, because some 16-year-olds are wise enough to make such a decision and no because some might be playing with it. But for the most part, there should be a voting age of 16.
7. It should be. Some, like me, come home from school by train and some are not given a bus pass from school, so having to spend their own money on it and after long days on the train and paying is tough. I think everyone should have free travel by train.
8. Cycling. I have noticed that there is often no space for bikes, even though there are a lot of cyclists. I would ride a bike myself if I could find a suitable route that does not involve riding on the roadway.
9. To a new youth space. The kind where young people can come to spend time, do homework or something like that. A large room should be built there with comfortable beds where you can come to take a nap. It would be like a refuge where you want to spend time, alone or with others.