11. Godlewski, Filip

Kuva Filip Godlewski


Residential area:

I am 18 years old and live in Vantaa’s Asola, near Koivukylä. I serve as the 2nd Vice-Chair of the current Youth Council, and I am studying for the third year on a Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration. I have lived in Finland for about half of my life, that is, 9 years. While serving on the Youth Council, I also want to represent young people with a vocational school and immigrant background. In my free time, in addition to the Youth Council, I am involved in scouting and theater. I strive to promote equality in my daily life.

Leisure time activities:
Scouting and theater

For Vantaa’s bright future.

Comments on the election compass questions:
1. The general safety of Vantaa varies a lot from region to region; there are areas where a lot of work still needs to be done for safety.
2. Strongly agree, everyone deserves a hobby regardless of their livelihood. A hobby is an invaluable part of a young person’s life, it strengthens social skills and hopefully prevents exclusion.
3. Vantaa must work to combat climate change; the current goal is for Vantaa to be carbon neutral by 2030. That is a good goal and must be adhered to. We need to ensure that climate action is not just about talk but also about concrete action.
4. School bullying and school violence need to be tackled more vigorously. I know from my own experience that bullying can radically affect a person’s life. I have had to change schools because of bullying, which should never be the case. Under no circumstances should the bullying victim change schools, but the bullies must take responsibility for what they do. Schools have a lot to improve to prevent bullying. Interaction and emotional skills need to be taught in schools.
5. I completely disagree, the level of school food in Vantaa is really low and it is reflected in the results of school health surveys. School food has been worked on in different ways over the years, but it has not produced very many results, and action has been left mostly at the level of speech. It is really important that young people in Vantaa receive pleasing and high-quality school food; for some it may be the only warm food of the day.
6. In my opinion, the lowering of the voting age should at least be tried, it would be really important to get the views of young people heard more widely. Lowering the voting age would bring young people closer to politics. Young people need to be involved in the decisions they have to live with for the longest time.
7. I think free public transportation would be a great thing, but there are other things we should prioritize financially. Low-income persons must be taken into account in the pricing of public transportation. It would be really great if HSL's board included youth representatives from the Capital City region’s Youth Councils.
8. The development of streets requires the attention of all for common safety.
9. This amount of money may not be enough to hire school psychologists and curators. However, it might be enough for a school meal that increases well-being. For example for breakfast.