7. Canta, Maria

Kuva Maria Canta



Residential area:

I am from Romania and I like to influence things and be a voice. I'm a little shy, but I talk when necessary. I haven’t been in such big things before, so I’m a first-timer.

Leisure time activities:
I go to the gym and read.

Comments on the election compass questions:
1.Vantaa is a pretty safe place, but nothing is completely safe. Lots of fast mopeds for example and even “harassers” at least to my knowledge.
2. It would be fair and not a lot of bills. Especially when taxes take a lot of money
3. I support climate change!
4. I have experienced and still experience a little bullying at school. For example, your own school does not own verso or KiVakoulu.
5. I don’t, and many others don’t like school food.
7. Not free but cheaper.
8. Better transport connections, for example, more buses to Kivistö
9. We have the right to study in a good and well-maintained school.