5. Azizi, Walid

Kuva Walid Azizi


Residential area:

Hi! I am Walid, a 13-year-old boy and I will soon turn 14. By my nature, I am social, positive, active, and brave. I think I am good at making decisions and I will advance the interests of young people. I'm not afraid to let my voice be heard.

Leisure time activities:
I go to the gym many times a week. I also like football.

Together we can make a difference!

Comments on the election compass questions:
1. I think Vantaa is a safe place for young people to live, because I am young myself and, in my experience, there is no danger. However, I will pursue the interests of young people and one of the benefits of young people is that they live in a safe place and do not feel fear or danger in or out of school.
2. Young people need a leisure time activity, and some families cannot afford to pay for a hobby for their child, which is why those children are left without a hobby. A hobby allows the child to find new friends and have fun.
3. I think Vantaa must be a pioneer in the fight against climate change, because climate change is important. Together, we can make a difference in the fight against climate change to make our future look better.
4. Absolutely. Bullying really has a big impact on the quality of life and mood of young people. This can be due to depression or a lack of motivation to go to school. I have noticed that school violence has increased in schools, and I have personally experienced it, which is why I would like it to end.
5. The level of school food is average. Sometimes it’s really good and sometimes it’s not. Many young people don’t like school food and we should change the quality of school food somewhat.
6. Yes. I think even younger people should get their voice heard, so that we can prioritize their interests.
7. I think public transport should be free, especially for young students. If there are many children in the family, then it may be that the families cannot afford to pay for tickets for each month. Public transport should be free for children under 16.
8. Young people travel the most on public transport today, so roads and streets should be given more consideration. This would be an advantage for young people.
9. I think building a big youth space would definitely be a big advantage, as many young people are lonely, and many young people have depression. Building this space would be very good as young people would get to go there to meet others, play with other young people and have fun. The young people would not hang out outside but would be inside doing something better under the supervision of a counselor.