4. Anttila, Krista

Kuva Krista Anttila


Residential area:

Leisure time activities:
Orienteering and visual arts.

A just Vantaa

Comments on the election compass questions:
1. There are several safe places in Vantaa where it is good to live, but there are also many places with a lot of unrest and insecurity. I think those environments with unrest and insecurity should be reformed to be safer.
2. Leisure time activities are good for everyone because through them they meet new people who have the same interests and learn things that are not taught elsewhere.
3. I think that climate change is a very important issue and needs to be addressed.
4. School bullying is a very serious matter and can leave people with long-term trauma and should therefore be tackled more severely.
5. The level of school food in Vantaa is not good in my opinion.
6. Even if many 16-year-olds are mature and independent enough to vote, the majority of them are still uncertain about themselves and their affairs, so they can’t judge which candidate they think would be best but vote for who their parents or friends vote for.
8. In my opinion, the development of transportation, roads and streets should give priority to cars.
9. I would spend 100,000 euros on school food.