2. Ahonen, Elias

Kuva Elias Ahonen


Residential area:


I have been at the Vantaa Youth Council for one term. It is important to me that we young people get to influence important things in the city. I am productive and ambitious, but also social and listening.

Leisure time activities:
Swimming, martial arts, reading, and being with friends. (Gaming of course).

Tomorrow Vantaa belongs to us young people

Comments on the election compass questions:
1. I wish that no young person would have to feel insecure in Vantaa. On school trips or in the evenings, I have encountered frightening situations myself, also.
2. Hobbies are important for well-being and mental health as well as for making friends. However, not all families can afford to pay for young people's hobbies, and therefore Vantaa should support hobbies. Hobbies can be the most important thing in a young person’s life.
3. Climate change is always talked about only at the state level, when municipalities, such as Vantaa, could effectively influence climate change. Vantaa must be a pioneer in the fight against climate change, because the city area has, for example, a lot of traffic and an airport, the environmental impact of which the city can influence.
4. Bullying is a major and serious problem that impairs the mental health of young people. Yet little has been done about school bullying. Classes always show an occasional anti-bullying video, but does this really help?
5. Less money is spent on school food in Vantaa than anywhere else in Finland. So it’s no wonder young people often miss a meal. Saving should never be on school food.
6. Young people are increasingly able and willing to engage in important political debate. Young people use municipal services but are unable to influence them.
7. Free public transport would be too expensive when money has other uses as well. For young people, public transport should still be cheaper, as providing them with that service would support education and health.
8. The strength of Vantaa comes from its location. Good public transport routes and travel opportunities would best support the city’s vitality of these options.
9. School food supports the long-term health of every young person cheaply. For example, 100,000€ could be used to offer a healthy snack to young people in Vantaa.