44. Singh, Tejwant

Kuva Tejwant Singh


Residential area:

I am a 16-year-old boy from Vantaa who wants to bring out the opinions of young people. I am a candidate for the Youth Council now for a second term, so I have experience of this activity.

Leisure time activities:
In my free time I go to the gym, study, and produce content for Tiktok.


Comments on the election compass questions:
1. In my opinion, insecurity is clearly present in some areas in Vantaa, but again in some areas it is very safe in Vantaa. Vantaa should focus on the unsafe areas.
2. In my opinion, Vantaa should only offer hobbies to those children whose families cannot afford it financially. If the family can afford the hobby, then I see no reason to give it a free hobby.
3. I see no reason for Vantaa alone to be a pioneer in the fight against climate change, but rather to work together with other municipalities to fight climate change.
4. Yes. Vantaa should tackle school bullying harder, as I have noticed nasty news about school bullying in the news over the years. In my opinion, school bullying should be treated more strictly throughout Vantaa. However, the direction is good, but not yet good enough.
5. School food should be of good quality and tasty, but most of the time it is not in Vantaa. While the food is healthy and nutritious, it is simply of no use if schoolchildren do not eat it. In my opinion, Vantti's operations should be improved, or Vantti should be replaced by an external food provider.
6. If the voting age in municipal elections is lowered to 16, it would mean that 16-year-olds could also run in municipal elections. I do not see any reason to lower the age limit when we have an active Youth Council with the right of petition directly to the city government. In addition, all other elections also have an age limit of 18, so I see no reason to lower the age limit.
7. I think it would be far too expensive for the city, the project would raise taxes or cut some other things out of the city’s services.
8. I think that cycling should be taken into account more, because then people would start cycling more in Vantaa. I think cars and public transportation are already taken into account well enough, but cycling is somewhat overlooked. In this case, when people cycle, emissions are reduced, which contributes to Vantaa's 2030 target of carbon neutrality.
9. In my opinion, definitely for school food, because there are already enough youth facilities and 100 000 euros would not be enough to build a very large and high-quality youth center, but it is a slightly larger investment. There are enough school psychologists and curators, and schools are constantly being renovated, so I would spend the money on school food, because school food is important for young people.