30. Mehtälä, Henri

Kuva Henri Mehtälä


Residential area:

I am Henri Mehtälä, a young person born in 2005 living in Tikkurila’s city center, or Tikkuraitti, but studying for the first year at Ressu High School in Helsinki. I am active in many matters and a member of the current Vantaa Youth Council, so I am applying for the next term. For the last two years as a member of the Youth Council, I have been involved in basically everything. I am currently a deputy representative of two boards as well as participating in other committees in the city to represent the Youth Council. So I make an impact in Vantaa to the best of my ability, because I see a lot of opportunities and great visions in this city, especially in the field of urban planning.

Leisure time activities:
Politics is my passion, but it is probably counted as a hobby. Combined with my eternal desire to learn, I could say that I practice general knowledge with political emphasis. I read a lot of news (as well as Twitter), and too often I end up reading entire Wikipedia articles on something quite random.

After all, I do more than that, because whenever I have time, I jump on the back of my road bike or go hiking somewhere longer than average (record 55km so far) and I go frisbee golfing whenever the weather allows.

Can we count sociability as a hobby? Well, anyway, as an extremely social person, I always enjoy being with other people, so in my free time, most of my time is spent meeting friends and acquaintances.

I don't find artistic inclinations in me, but appreciation for art and culture even more. So I end up in theaters and shows on the consumer side. My only artistic side is probably my interest in creating fiction, where the conversational excerpt I use in the meantime is probably moderately visible in this text as well.

A more modern Vantaa with young people!

Comments on the election compass questions:
1. The issue is very complicated, because in general Vantaa (and therefore Finland) is safer for young people than almost all other places in the world, but we are not infinitely safe here either. Of course, everywhere it is possible to create problems and insecurity for oneself. However, if you don't start creating them for yourself, for example with juvenile delinquency, I believe that Vantaa is a safe place to live, but you should always be careful. There is almost always room for improvement in security, but I would not say that it is a problem in Vantaa, but rather a state or world problem. Of course, we too must do our best for security.
2. I absolutely believe that the city should offer its young people opportunities for having a hobby. A great example of creating hobby opportunities is the construction of new sports facilities (for all different sports) as well as various clubs, etc., which are already offered. However, it should be expensive for Vantaa to offer every young person the opportunity to go horseback riding or play hockey, but they should also have the opportunity to apply for support. Fortunately, however, this support system is likely to fall into the arms of the state and is therefore no longer a matter for the City of Vantaa.
3. Moderate pioneering is admirable, of course, but we must not punish Vantaa's already poor economy with stronger climate goals, because as the economy weakens, the climate will eventually suffer even more. As a relatively large city in Finland, we should strive to influence the unity of Finnish municipalities in terms of climate goals in general. The fight against climate change will also be greatly enhanced if more is invested at national level in science, which will always find cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternatives to existing mechanisms in society.
4. School bullying and school violence definitely need to be tackled more vigorously, as there is still much to be done. The correction should start even more strongly from pre-school education and not let any children feel a need to bully others.
5. There is a lot to fix in school food. Its level is not bad now and it has mainly always been possible to eat it (and there are good dishes), but there is room for improvement. Things should be fixed at a high level by organizing a tender competition with Vantti (makes the food) and the other service providers and look for possible other alternative as well as possibly better manufacturers.
6. Even if I would be very happy to vote in the municipal elections myself, the voting age cannot be lowered, at least not today. The first step is to increase the amount of social studies in schools so that all young people understand who they are voting for and why.
7. A beautiful but very expensive idea. Rather, it it should be created a genuinely easy-to-apply support that disadvantaged people in Vantaa (or rather people living in the HSL area) could apply for. If possible from the point of view of the law, we can also set a certain income limit and people with lower earnings can travel for free, as long as the system is created without gaps and really promotes equality.
8. It made me want to choose horse carts just to oppose the black-and-white confrontation of the question. However, I chose public transport because it has the most to develop. All of these (except horse carts) must be taken into account in development and the city must do its best to make everyone function as well as possible. Undermining the potential of private cars is not the right way to get people to go public. The right way is to make public transport more reliable.
9. To get young people to grow up to be healthy adults, they must not break under various worries or mental health problems. It must be possible to further improve the availability of school psychologists and curators so that the queues are not as long as they are in many places today.